Testimonial from Zachary H.


Male 24 years old

Pain in right hand and forearm.

I had a continuing pain in my right hand and forearm for over a year.  I cut out exercising and went to doctors and physical therapists. I tried hand and arm braces overnight but nothing helped.

I had an appointment with Jeff Niznik and after doing a full nutritional evaluation he educated me on why minerals and nutrients are so important for the body. He explained how our food supply today does not have the vitamins, minerals and nutrients they did 100 years ago and why it was necessary to use supplements to get the nutrients your body needs.

He said the lack of these necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients could cause problems like the pain I was experiencing in my hand/forearm.

Jeff recommended several supplements and after a few weeks of taking them I noticed that the pain in my right hand/forearm had disappeared!

Thanks to Winer Wellness for your guidance.