Testimonial from Kristi H.



Severe Rash over most of the body

I developed a rash after being bit by bugs. After continuous scratching of the bit area, the rash spread to both legs, thighs, lower torso, arms, lower back, arm pits and scalp.

The itchiness was so severe that I scratched open my skin to cause it to bleed and I was only able to sleep about 4 hours a night. This went on for two months.

My friends in the medical profession, suggested I use over the counter ointments such as Cortizone 10, Benadryl and Gold Bond. The rash was so bad that I applied these ointments every 30 minutes but the rash did not stop itching and the rash was not going away.

I met with Mr. Jeffery Niznik. During the session, he used his knowledge and expertise to pin point the problem and recommended a few supplements that would alleviate the itching and to stop the rash from spreading.

At the end of the first week, the itching stopped and the rash stopped spreading and I was able to get 8 hours of sleep. By the end of the second and third weeks, my rashes disappeared from my legs, thighs, arm pits and lower back.

At the next appointment, a month later, the remaining rash marks were almost gone from my arms and lower torso.

I am extremely happy to have this horrible rash gone. Without Mr. Niznik's help, I would still be covered head to toe with an extremely itchy rash.

Thank you for your help!