Testimonial from Sandra J. Pyle Ph.D.

In early November 2008, I was diagnosed with Seborrhea Dermatitis, a condition that caused the skin on my forehead and temples to turn bright red as well as become scaly and itchy. Since I teach at a university, I was very conscious of how my appearance would affect my students and tried my best to conceal the condition with creams. I followed the doctor's orders precisely, using the special shampoo and cortisone cream, but my condition continued to worsen, and the redness spread to my ears and back of my neck. I was desperate for answers.
One Saturday morning I heard Dr. Winer discuss how he had recommended Vick's salve to heal psoriasis. I couldn't get the Vick's salve soon enough on my forehead, neck, and ears. Three days later the redness and scales were gone! Thank God those five months of misery were over. And thank you, Dr. Winer, for making this information available for those of us searching for answers.