Testimonial from Robert Guenther

I heard about Dr. Winer on the radio and called and talked to him on the air about I.B.S. Other doctors didnt have any answers as to how to treat it. Doctors ran a lot of tests but had no answers. At our first visit to Dr. Winer, he treated me for a hiatal hernia and gave me some herbs to take for the I.B.S.
Within a few days I was getting back to a normal lifestyle, eating many of the things I could not eat before without any discomfort or problems. I also have been eliminating the drugs the doctors had me on. I also feel better than I have for a long time. Dr. Winer has helped me where other doctors had no answer or help.
Update In November 1997 I went back to my colon doctor for a re-examination. The doctor told me to keep up whatever I was doing because my colon had made a 100 recovery thanks to Dr. Winer. Ive also had no diarrhea since Dr. Winers recommendations.