Testimonial from Norma Ryden

We had prayed for years that somehow our son Ralph would be healed of the severe attention deficit disorder that was ruining his life. In the summer of 1997 we took him to Dr. Winer, who determined that Ralph's learning problems were nutritionally-related. He had two allergy treatments for food sensitivities, and we have seen his mind clear and the A.D.D. disappear. Now our son is doing very well in school, and now that he is off the Ritalin; his personality is no longer suppressed...he is the great kid we always knew he was.

I would like to add that by following Dr. Winer's diet suggestions, with no limit on the amount of food, just improvement in food choices, that I have lost twenty-three pounds and my husband has lost twelve pounds. We did this together in only seven weeks, and we both have a lot more energy. Thanks Dr. Winer!