Testimonial from Melissa

Gall Bladder Surgery Avoided
I was having stomach pains constantly for weeks. So I decided to go to my local emergency room when I could not stand the pain any longer. They scheduled x-rays and a sonogram. Both tests came back negative. So I followed up with my family doctor. He decided to have more tests done. A hibilatory scan was performed. The test made me extremely sick I was not even comfortable driving. But I passed that test. Next my family doctor said he wanted a scope check done to see how my gallbladder and stomach were. But I was scared to be put to sleep. Then my friend said I should check out Dr. Winer. I was not sure, but I decided to go anyways. On my first appointment Dr. Winer found out what was really wrong and fixed my pain. I have not had any problems since my first visit one month ago. And on my first visit he also fixed my ankle that was swelled, a minor problem to the pain I had in my stomach.
Thank you Dr. Winer,