Testimonial from Marjorie Salem

When I was experiencing some health problems a couple of months ago, my daughter happened to find Dr. Winer's website and called me on the phone to tell me that I had to go see him.

I had been experiencing allergic reactions to a number of things, including magnesium and other nutritional supplements. I was also having problems with my heart skipping beats to the point that I was very concerned. A cardiologist checked out my heart problems but could find nothing wrong and was of no help to me. I also found that it is useless to try to discuss allergies with a traditional doctor. My biggest problem seemed to be finding a doctor capable of helping me.

I have found Dr. Winer to be not only very capable but also genuinely dedicated to being of help. After just a few treatments I was able to tell him that I had come to the conclusion that he really knows what he is doing. He is very knowledgeable and his years of experience made me feel confident to accept his treatment and his advice.

On my first visit Dr. Winer found low thyroid to be the cause of my problems. The nutrients he determined I needed have alleviated that problem. He has also treated me for various food and nutritional allergies and I have felt noticeably better with each treatment I have received. It is wonderful to be feeling consistently good again and I am grateful that Dr. Winer was able to help me regain my health.

Thank you Dr. Winer!