Testimonial from Karen Becker

The treatments for which I am scheduled are pollen, animal dander, and basil. Dr. Winer has also treated several members of my family, including my four year old daughter, for hypoglycemia. She would wake in the middle of the night with horribly frightening night terrors. My husband and I decided, after one horrific night of terrors, that we would take her to see if Dr. Winer would be able to help her. He determined that she was hypoglycemic, corrected her bodys functioning, and now she is like a different child. Where she was unable to sit still for five minutes before, she has no trouble occupying her time wisely now. She has not had a night terror related to low blood sugar since Dr. Winer corrected her bodys functioning.

The work Dr. Winer is doing is nothing short of amazing. Albeit, there are critics, and many people find his work intimidating. Most people in this geographic area are not familiar with Applied Kinesiology, and many are not open to newer, less medical ways of doing things. The bottom line, however, is that you cannot argue with results, and my life has been turned around thanks to Dr. Winer and his wonderful staff of caring people. It is because of my restored health, and the amazing results of the people that are treated by him, that I am writing this letter.

If you so choose to investigate Dr. Winers practice, I am sure you too will find the results dramatic, and a subject to which your readers would be drawn.
Thank you very much for your time.