Testimonial from John t. Jeremko

Dear Dr. Winer,
About five years ago, I experienced a painful stomach ailment that kept me up at nights no matter what medication I took to get rid of it. I finally went to a medical doctor and he admitted me to a local hospital to check for an ulcer. This included barium dye and other diagnostic tests. I was finally dismissed and discharged with a prescription for medication. I believe the final diagnosis was gastritis and some type of intestinal malformation. Ever since then, about once every week or more, I experienced terrible stomach pain that lasted for hours. I took every over-the-counter medication there is on the market from Malox, Alka-Seltzer, Pepto-Bismol, Tums, Zantac, Rolaids, etc. I guess I was resigned to live with this problem.
Two months ago, I visited your office and you advised that I take one of your intestinal products. I took the product according to your instructions and to be honest, I doubted it would work. However, to my surprise, your treatment actually did work because I have not experienced pain since I visited your office.
I just wanted to express my appreciation to you, not only because I am pain free, but also because you treated a problem naturally and without side effects. I also hope the people who follow your program on the radio or hear your seminars follow your thoughts on nutrition, diet, and prevention because I know first hand that it works.