Testimonial from Ellen A. Moore

Dear Dr. Winer,

When I first contacted your office, it was with the intent of having treatments for numerous allergies, a suspected underactive thyroid, and a suspected hiatal hernia.

During my first visit you diagnosed the thyroid problem and started me along the path to resolving that problem.

We also discussed the severe allergy reaction to grass I had experienced during the preceding week diarrhea and vomiting. Before I left your office that day, the grass allergy became a thing of the past. When I cut grass the following weekend, I was able to breathe freely while cutting, raking, gathering, and disposing of the grass. I think the term I used during the second visit was Astounded I didnt believe one treatment could eliminate reactions that had been worsening over the past few years. Through the summer, I have had no reoccurrence of the allergy reactions. THANK YOU 1

My second visit was dedicated to a pollen treatment and a hiatal hernia treatment. The allergy treatment worked. For the first time in about half my lifetime Ive been able to enjoy the scent of roses, lilacs, heather, and probably half the weeds I avoided through the years. THANK YOU 2

The hiatal hernia treatment stopped the burping Id been doing for far too long and the horrible taste in my mouth with each burp and what must really have been foul breath. I also noticed that I was able to breathe deeply...that hadnt happened for a while. THANK YOU 3

My third visit was dedicated to an allergy I knew I had to sawdust. Since my hobby is creating miniature rooms (the dollhouse size), the sawdust allergy had become a nuisance (sneezing and congestion) each time I sawed or filed or sanded wood for use in creating a room or miniature furniture. That allergy treatment worked THANK YOU 4

I know all three of the allergy treatments worked because the week after the tree parts treatment, I took a trip to Maine for a weeks worth of classes on creating a room in miniature. The campus grass had been cut the day before I arrived and was cut during the week I was there. The spring flowers were a-blossoming everywhere. The sawdust and sanding dust was around me all week. I enjoyed the smell of the grass, the aromas of the lilacs, poppies, heather, and even the sawdust...and I didnt sneeze or use Kleenex, except to clean paint brushes or clean the glue and paint off my fingers. NOW THATS WHAT I CALL SUCCESSFUL TREATMENTS

My fourth visit was dedicated to a dust/mold allergy and muscle therapy on the thigh of the leg where Id had arthroscopic knee surgery a few years ago.
The allergy treatment worked...since the treatment I havent sneezed once when the air conditioner at work starts blowing. THANK YOU 5
Adams therapy treatment has all but eliminated the pain Ive been experiencing since arthroscopic surgery in 1997. Before the treatment, walking up stairs was a project, requiring the use of the railing to pull myself along, because pain would make the knee go weak. I find myself walking without pain and walking up stairs, no railing use, even with my arms full of packages. THANK YOU 6 GOES TO ADAM.

During that visit we talked about changing my eating habits, because Im interested in losing that spare person Ive been carrying with me for about half my lifetime. You made a few suggestions about making my diet revolve around fresh fruits and vegetables, to lead me to a healthier me. Going vegetarian in some ways was not as hard as I thought it would be (I always have liked fruits and veggies, and had become bored with meat, poultry, and fish).

My fifth visit was caused by a back strain while gardening. Dr. Cavanaughs treatment made the pain go away before I left. THANK YOU 7, DR. CAVANAUGH.
During that visit, I had mentioned my problem with dribbling when sneezing or coughing. Your quick treatment stopped that. THANK YOU 8

The next visit occurred because I twisted my knee that one with the arthroscopic surgery and heard it pop in the process...providing pain with each step. Your hands, working with it, settled it down. THANK YOU 9
We still have some work to do I want to be able to walk down stairs without holding on...its those other muscles above that knee

So far Ive lost 14 of me...eating right...so when it goes away, it stays away. But theres still another 36 of me to go. Before I started eating the right way, my shoes were carrying two of me. Im looking forward to the day theyre carrying only one of me.

There are still other allergies to be whipped.

Just figured, since Im approaching 60, Id like to do it on the go, not on the couch (which is where I would have been without your and your staffs help and suggestions over the past few months).

And.....since youve received this letter, it means Ive hiked from Fifth and Grant to your office. Thats something I wouldnt have attempted before my first visit, or if I had, you would have had to find an oxygen tank or do CPR when I got to your office or find a magic cure to get the pain out of my knee.
My lifes getting better every day and a lot of that is thanks to you (and your staff).

I am seeing more of whats right with the world, am more positive about how I want to live my life, and wake up smiling. Im delighted and still astounded.
Friends are amazed at my energy and the newly evolving me. And they cant understand how its happening with touch, therapy, and mental change, rather than pills and diet drinks.

Ive passed out many of your cards and radio schedules to people who have problems or whose family members have problems to encourage them to take control of their health.

Just thought you should know how thankful I am for the direction my life has taken and how much I appreciate what you and your staff have done to make it happen

Warmest regards,