Testimonial from Clara B.

I had a problem with frequently reoccurring cold sores around the mouth eradicated with only one NAET or Functional Improvement Treatment by Dr. Winer. I waited almost a year before writing this testimonial to make sure that I was really cured. It does really work even though it is hard to believe that such a seemingly simple non-evasive treatment is so effective. Before I went to Dr. Winer I had never heard about there being any way of curing viral infections, and Dr. Winer is one of only a few doctors in the USA who has both the training and long term experience to do this treatment successfully.
Dr. Winer also successfully treated me for several food and other allergies with one or two treatments for each one, using the same procedure as he used to cure the cold sores. While all other doctors of alternative medicine in this geographical area only give supplements to treat allergies, viral infections, and such, Dr. Winer cures these conditions. It is simply amazing After a successful treatment for a food allergy you can go back to eating that food after a 25 hour wait without any bad reactions.

Even though a blood test showed that my thyroid was okay, Dr. Winer tested me using muscle testing and determined that I had hypothyroidism. I was loosing a lot of hair and was always tired among other symptoms. For this problem I was given two supplements to get my thyroid working better and now I no longer lose my hair and I feel much better. I am sure that before long my thyroid will be back to normal and I will be able to stop the supplements.

Thank you Dr. Winer for all your help. God gave you a special gift for which I thank Him.