Diane M.

Hair Loss, Bloating, Weight Gain, Foggy Brain

59 y.o. Female   7-2-14

I have been suffering from hair loss, severe bloating, weight gain and a foggy brain for 5-6 months. I went to conventional doctors with no results or recommendations.

My results with Dr. Honigman were very good. He is very thorough and well educate. My hair loss has stopped and has started to grow back. I am thinking more clearly and have lost weight.

I am so pleased with the Winer Wellness Center and highly recommend it to everyone.

Chloe Pechman

I had been to various Doctors and weight clinics and was put on many different medications.

I heard Dr. Winer on the radio while driving from New Hampshire. Dr. Winer put me on an allergy free diet and recommended several supplements for me to take.

I lost 60 pounds and all of the above symptoms were gone! I feel great and I am able to walk 2 hours nonstop. Before I could not walk for 5 minutes.

I had great help from Dr. Honigman, Jamie, Adam and all the wonderful professional staff at Winer Wellness Center.