Urinary Problems


Approximately 12 years ago my son came down with what doctor's claimed was an incurable auto-immune disease called BXO. The best thing the pediatric urologist said he could do would be to operate.

My son was 12. He went through the surgery and two years later it returned in a more serious way. He had the second surgery and the very next day I noticed it starting to appear again. The doctor said the next step he would have to got through is a total urethra replacement.

I always listened to Dr. Winer on the radio so I decided to call him to see if he could help us. He suggested a few natural supplements and I went to his office immediately to purchase them. I started the treatment on my son immediately along with one energy treatment.

Within one month, the BXO cleared up naturally. He absolutely cured my son!

When he says, "There is no such thing as an auto immune disease," BELIEVE HIM! He knows what he is talking about. It has been over ten years and it has not returned. I am very gratefuly to Dr. Winer. Believe in his treatments!

Currently my 3 year old Maltese dog was diagnosed with lymphoma. The veterinarian put her on steroids and started chemotherapy. I called Dr. Winer again and he is helping us with our dog. I took her off all medicines and she is now taking the natrual remedies that Dr. Winer suggested. This the second and I am seeing a happy dog with a wagging tail. I'm thinking she is on her way to restored health.

Dr. Winer is a natural healer. he knows what is needed to restore health. I would call him first before following traditional therapies prescribed by traditional physicians. They only treat the symptoms with often harmful and poisonous chemicals.

Dr. Winer restores your health through nutritional imbalances that one might have. I have seen proof that your body can heal itself through proper nutrition.


I started having frequent urination problems about two months ago. I came to Dr. Winer for my regular visit and mentioned this problem to him. He did a low back adjustment and corrected it with only one visit. As of this day I have not experienced any more problems.
Thank you Dr. Winer,

Willie Graham

Dear Dr. Winer,
I have had the following improvements in just two visits to your office, following your advice, and taking your recommended supplements.
Digestion – no more gas or bloating
Urination – flow much improved. I had had an operation which impaired it.
Hands/Feet – less cold
No longer constipated – have two or three bowel movements daily.
I also like the champion juicer!
Thanks for all your help,

Beverly J. Snyder

I am grateful to God, Dr. Winer, his staff, and the Pain Release Clinic for the help I have received since April 2002.

I began listening to Dr. Winer's radio program in March. I heard him say if you have asthma, you should not drink milk or eat cheese. I began eliminating these from my diet before my first appointment.

My first visit was to correct the pain in my hip, groin, and down my leg. After three visits, this improved tremendously.

I have had three allergy treatments and am no longer on asthma medication. My breathing has improved and I no longer get short of breath.

The treatment for incontinence has relieved my anxiety and I'm much more free to leave home without the fear of an urgency attack.

I am grateful for the new life I've experienced in my body and am able to do things now that I couldn't have done this time last year. I recommend Dr. Winer's holistic way of treating patients and would like to personally recommend him to the person who believes they can be helped.