Toe Nail Fungus

Kathy B

My name is Kathy. I had listened to Dr. Winer on the radio after my mother told me how he can help toe fungus. I took 400 pills from a foot doctor and that did not work. Dr. Winer said bleach and water 50/50. In no time it was gone. Ulcers in my mouth with peroxide gone. So I thought I would come see Dr. Winer about my neck and shoulder pain from 1996 whiplash. I also was very tired and was moody and I suffered with vertigo from my car accident. Dr. Winer said I had a low thyroid, adjusted my neck, and I had energy in four days. I have felt great ever since. No more vertigo, lots of energy, no neck and shoulder pain, and low blood sugar cure.

Angels Donovan

I had been dizzy for two months prior to seeing Dr. Winer at his office. Previously an MD had given me antibiotics for it as he said I had an ear infection. I still remained dizzy but developed toe fungus and a yeast infection as a result of the antibiotics. Dr. Winer determined that my dizziness was from a misaligned vertebrae in my neck. Since that initial adjustment of my neck, the dizziness has been gone Dr. Winer also recommended some dietary changes and supplements and external application of Vicks VapoRub on the toe fungus, and it is also gone
Thank you Dr. Winer


Dr. Winer,
This is to say thanks for taking away the pain in my right elbow and right ribs. I had this pain for 8-9 months. It is almost completely gone now. Also, your remedy for toe nail fungus is clearing up the fungus. My fingers were always cracking during the winter months. I'm using flax seed oil capsules as you suggested. I have very little cracking now; only if I forget to take the capsules. Again, thanks for all your help!