Lori R.


Severe Diarrhea    Hashimoto's Disease

Lori R.

Female   44 years old

After I was involved in a traumatic car accident 20 years ago, I started having watery stool. I also discovered I had Hasimoto's Disease 10 years ago and I'm sluggish all the time.

My primary care doctors recommended Metamucil but it didn't help. I tried eliminating gluten but my stool was still watery and did not form.

It was recommended that I see Jeff Niznik at the Winer Wellness Center.

Since following Jeff's all natural supplement protocol, my stool has returned to normal, I've lost weight and my energy has improved.


Hypothyroid condition for over 40 years


Auto Immune condition for over 29 years

I have been treated by numerous medical Specialists with disappointing results.

I take one prescription drug for my thyroid but if I listened to the doctors I would be on over 10 different prescriptions.

I had been told by a friend to go to Winer Wellness Center for years. Although open minded, I was still wedded to the “conventional medical model”.

A couple of years ago, I began to gain weight, retain fluid and have serious gastrointestinal problems. As a life-long hypothyroid patient, I was told that it was either a result of my thyroid and a normal part of aging or suggested that I was depressed, and offered a prescription antidepressant.

I am educated and know that depression does not cause edema.

I made an appointment with Dr. Honigman for a full evaluation and he gave me a dietary plan that was basically vegan.

I was already a vegetarian and had cut out wheat, so I was open to further dietary changes. I cut out all dairy, corn, sugar and even ended a lifelong coffee habit.

The result:

No more edema, more energy and I lost 12 pounds!

I work in the healthcare field and I am amazed and often frustrated at how little nutrition is discussed with patients.

I listen to Dr. Winer daily. I have recommended Winer Wellness Center to a colleague who is also feeling frustrated and I will continue to recommend to everyone who needs help.

Thank you!