Testicular Infection

William Verch W.

This is to describe the immense improvement in my very painful, and very long term, infection at my testicular area (tubules, cap, and testicles) which was achieved by just one physical manipulation treatment by Dr. James Winer.
The night after my treatment, the pain spontaneously radiating out of the area was gone. The area which had been tight and painful, even without touch, was now very loose but very hot and very sensitive to any touch. Two to three nights later the heat in testicle sac and the extra sensitivity to pain were also almost 90% gone.
Within a week I was able to stop taking a pain-easing and damage-easing supplement (Orchic-gland M) which I had found necessary and the only non-antibiotic giving long term help for the past year. Within a week the only pain remaining was that caused by squeezing directly on the cap that connects the tubules with the testicles and even that pain was not very great.