Stomach Problems

Mary K.

Crohn's Disease

92 year old Female     8/7/18

I had chronic diarrhea for 35 years and I treated myself for Crohn's disease which I was diagnosed for at a local hospital.

I was given Prednisone, Pepto Bismol and Immodium.

I met with Jeff Niznick and he found I had food allergies and dairy allergies. In 3 months all diarrhea is gone with well shaped stools.

He did a food allergy reversal and the dairy allergies can be turned around too!

Jeff also found I had a fungal infection and parasites too. I am now  taking supplements to rid my body of these problems.

I couldn't go out of the house and was very home bound before my treatments with Jeff. Now I can go out for long hours, to church, visit family and go shopping!

Diane M.

Hair Loss, Bloating, Weight Gain, Foggy Brain

59 y.o. Female   7-2-14

I have been suffering from hair loss, severe bloating, weight gain and a foggy brain for 5-6 months. I went to conventional doctors with no results or recommendations.

My results with Dr. Honigman were very good. He is very thorough and well educate. My hair loss has stopped and has started to grow back. I am thinking more clearly and have lost weight.

I am so pleased with the Winer Wellness Center and highly recommend it to everyone.

Willie Graham

Dear Dr. Winer,
I have had the following improvements in just two visits to your office, following your advice, and taking your recommended supplements.
Digestion – no more gas or bloating
Urination – flow much improved. I had had an operation which impaired it.
Hands/Feet – less cold
No longer constipated – have two or three bowel movements daily.
I also like the champion juicer!
Thanks for all your help,

Robert Guenther

I heard about Dr. Winer on the radio and called and talked to him on the air about I.B.S. Other doctors didnt have any answers as to how to treat it. Doctors ran a lot of tests but had no answers. At our first visit to Dr. Winer, he treated me for a hiatal hernia and gave me some herbs to take for the I.B.S.
Within a few days I was getting back to a normal lifestyle, eating many of the things I could not eat before without any discomfort or problems. I also have been eliminating the drugs the doctors had me on. I also feel better than I have for a long time. Dr. Winer has helped me where other doctors had no answer or help.
Update In November 1997 I went back to my colon doctor for a re-examination. The doctor told me to keep up whatever I was doing because my colon had made a 100 recovery thanks to Dr. Winer. Ive also had no diarrhea since Dr. Winers recommendations.

Patty Zuger

Dear Dr. Winer,
I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your helping me. You did the most God-awful treatment on me and I havent had any hiatal hernia trouble since I noticed the difference immediately. Also, Dr. Cavanaugh and Adam have done wonders with my right shoulder. When I leave after an adjustment and Adams therapy, my shoulder is almost as good as new. I truly feel someday it will be 100 cured.
Your insight, humor, and genuineness is so refreshing. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Myra Little

Dear Dr. Winer and Staff,
I was having a lot of trouble with a hiatal hernia for a few years and could not eat a lot of foods, including red meats, chicken, and certain vegetables without having to leave the dinner table at home or while eating out, and would bring it back up.
After learning about you through your radio program, I made my first appointment to see you on Dec. 5, 1999.
After three visits, I am able to eat without any pain once again. I also had joint pain and leg cramps which are totally gone.
Thanks again Dr. Winer for your dedication and technique that helped me be pain free.


Gall Bladder Surgery Avoided
I was having stomach pains constantly for weeks. So I decided to go to my local emergency room when I could not stand the pain any longer. They scheduled x-rays and a sonogram. Both tests came back negative. So I followed up with my family doctor. He decided to have more tests done. A hibilatory scan was performed. The test made me extremely sick I was not even comfortable driving. But I passed that test. Next my family doctor said he wanted a scope check done to see how my gallbladder and stomach were. But I was scared to be put to sleep. Then my friend said I should check out Dr. Winer. I was not sure, but I decided to go anyways. On my first appointment Dr. Winer found out what was really wrong and fixed my pain. I have not had any problems since my first visit one month ago. And on my first visit he also fixed my ankle that was swelled, a minor problem to the pain I had in my stomach.
Thank you Dr. Winer,

Karen Agresti

My granddaughter could not lay flat because she would throw up all the time from feeding to feeding. After six months we came to Dr. Winer and he adjusted her stomach and she has been fine ever since. She started to gain weight, is now able to lay on the floor, and started to roll around like she should.

Joseph W. Snyder

As you are aware, our son Joe suffered from some form of lactose intolerance for at least three years. Joe was not getting any relief from other doctors and would just have to avoid dairy products and any food product that might contain dairy products. If Joe would eat dairy products of any kind, within 24 to 48 hours he would suffer terrible gastrointestinal pain and severe diarrhea. In one year of school, he was absent almost 30 days due to this illness.
We heard about your treatments from some friends whose son you successfully treated for the same problem. Although skeptical we were willing to give it a try.
Admittedly our skepticism continued through your explanation of how you would treat Joe, but then nobody else was making any progress in treating him. At this point we agreed to allow you to treat Joe.
Joes first treatment was on Saturday afternoon, May 26, 2001. On Sunday evening, May 27, 2001 Joe began eating dairy products. At first, pizza with cheese, something would definitely cause problems and a few hours later an ice cream sundae. Well, the next two days went by without any problems and he is eating dairy products on a continuing basis. As of this date, Joe has not experienced any adverse reactions to dairy products.

John t. Jeremko

Dear Dr. Winer,
About five years ago, I experienced a painful stomach ailment that kept me up at nights no matter what medication I took to get rid of it. I finally went to a medical doctor and he admitted me to a local hospital to check for an ulcer. This included barium dye and other diagnostic tests. I was finally dismissed and discharged with a prescription for medication. I believe the final diagnosis was gastritis and some type of intestinal malformation. Ever since then, about once every week or more, I experienced terrible stomach pain that lasted for hours. I took every over-the-counter medication there is on the market from Malox, Alka-Seltzer, Pepto-Bismol, Tums, Zantac, Rolaids, etc. I guess I was resigned to live with this problem.
Two months ago, I visited your office and you advised that I take one of your intestinal products. I took the product according to your instructions and to be honest, I doubted it would work. However, to my surprise, your treatment actually did work because I have not experienced pain since I visited your office.
I just wanted to express my appreciation to you, not only because I am pain free, but also because you treated a problem naturally and without side effects. I also hope the people who follow your program on the radio or hear your seminars follow your thoughts on nutrition, diet, and prevention because I know first hand that it works.