Sore Muscles

Shelley M.

A minor skiing accident left me with a shoulder injury and very little use of my arm. Within a month, I was having pain and muscle spasms in my entire body -- arms, chest, legs, knees -- everywhere!

It was a very severe relentless pain. I thought it was fibromyalgia but there was never a clear diagnosis.

I spent 4-5 months seeing multiple doctors -- Internists, Cardiologists, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Neurosurgeon and Rheumatologist. I have had multiple blood tests, MRI's, X-rays, CT Scan, OTC pain meds, muscle relaxers, steroids which all added up to

No diagnosis/No help!

After living with this incredible pain for 4 months and getting no help from tradtional doctors, I came to Winer Wellness Center in June of 2016. Dr Winer recommeded Magnesium supplements and weekly muscle therapy sessions with Adam Kahwash.

After just a few sessions with Adam, I was feeling much better. Adam really cared about my recovery and went above and beyond to help me through this pain.

Adam always took the time to ask and answer question and make sure I was comfortable with the therapy.

He has given me back the quality of life I had before the accident an I can not thank him enough!


For 3 weeks my left should pain was so bad I could not raise my arm to place on car window or put my arm at 12:00 position on the steering wheel.

I went to my medical doctor and he gave me a prescription for the pain.

I had an appointment with Dr. Winer and he did trigger point muscle therapy. I left his office and was capable of raising my arm to car window and actually lifting it overheard.

Only one session and I left feeling and seeing amazing results!

Clement Schmitt

I suffered for three years with a frozen shoulder (very limited movement of my shoulder and arm). After only one trigger point muscle therapy treatment, I was able to move my shoulder a full 180 degrees in all directions. I previously had gone to four other doctors who accomplished nothing. Your staff is terrific: very professional and experts in what they do...miracles! Thanks again.

Larry Amati

I had suffered with lower back pain for nine years, resulting in a lot of sleepless nights. I tried every chiropractor in my area to get relief. After $1,800.00 in doctors' visits and many bottles of pain killers, I gave up, figuring I would have to learn to live with the pain. Then after hearing Dr. Winer's radio show, I made an appointment, still very skeptical. But after just four trigger point muscle therapy treatments, the pain left and has never returned. Thank God for Dr. Winer and His entire staff of professionals.


Please tell Dr. Winer thank you for the correct diagnosis of low potassium. I had suffered over a year with sore muscles, tiredness, and low energy. We solved the intestinal yeast infection which caused chronic diarrhea and washed potassium out of my body.
He told me I had low potassium but I had left the office without a bottle of potassium. A month went by before my next visit and he came up with the same deficiency. Then you fine folks sent me home with them. According to his instructions, I started by taking two. It was miraculous I felt like I was born again and full of energy.
Thank you so very much and I cant wait to bring my baby to see Dr. Winer.