Dave H.

Ok dont laugh hear me out on this one.

Linda works for a chiropractor who does more than the whole snap-crackle-pop thing with your spinal column. Among other things, he is a certified nutritionist and practitioner of homeopathic medicines cures and treatments through nutritional supplements and natural means and methods rather than artificial chemicals being infused into your system.

Before I moved to Pittsburgh in February, I visited Linda here in October. When I was here, she asked him to test to see if he could determine what was causing so many sinus and allergy/breathing related problems.

Using a method known as Surrogate Muscle Testing, he determined that my biggest problems were an allergy to milk and cheeses and to the stuff in dryer sheets. The treatment, known as Applied Kinesiology and Pressure Points, which in my case meant removing all metal from my body (rings, watches, ear rings, etc.) and holding a vial which contained essence of the allergen for about 20 minutes, and then complete abstinence from the allergen for 25 hours.


And, unlike traditional allergy treatments where you get injections or other chemicals, and can no longer have the allergen (how would YOU like to give up Kaas or Chocolate For the rest of your life LOL), I can now have them No side effects, and I can breathe I havent taken a decongestant or antihistamine since the treatment back in October SEVEN MONTHS AGO

I know that the Huisarts that Irene took me to in Hoofddorp practiced homeopathic medicine, and that many physicians in Holland do also. If I were you, I would ask mine about being tested and treated for allergies this way. Its quick, painless, reasonably inexpensive, and for the best part, permanent
Here is her docs webpage, which has links to articles that describe his treatment methodology http// http//

I believe this works. It worked for me, and I know many other people for whom it has worked.