33 year old female

I had a rash for over 2 years.

I went to Dermatologists and they prescribed medications but they ddi nothing. I also used over the counter creams but they were useless.

After visiting Winer Wellness Center and taking the recommended supplements the rash has gone away. My experience at the Winer Wellness Center has been very positive and I am very happy with their services.

I used several types of over the counter and prescribed lotions and I did not get any results.

Within one month of seeing Dr. Winer, the rash is gone!

Sandra J. Pyle Ph.D.

In early November 2008, I was diagnosed with Seborrhea Dermatitis, a condition that caused the skin on my forehead and temples to turn bright red as well as become scaly and itchy. Since I teach at a university, I was very conscious of how my appearance would affect my students and tried my best to conceal the condition with creams. I followed the doctor's orders precisely, using the special shampoo and cortisone cream, but my condition continued to worsen, and the redness spread to my ears and back of my neck. I was desperate for answers.
One Saturday morning I heard Dr. Winer discuss how he had recommended Vick's salve to heal psoriasis. I couldn't get the Vick's salve soon enough on my forehead, neck, and ears. Three days later the redness and scales were gone! Thank God those five months of misery were over. And thank you, Dr. Winer, for making this information available for those of us searching for answers.

R. Merrell

I want to thank Dr. Winer and his knowledge and wisdom for helping clear up my skin rash. It was itchy and all over my body, and was driving me crazy. I tried home remedies to no avail.

I stopped down and showed Dr. Winer my rash. He gave me Candide BR and DL Duo-Dophilus and told me to get off all natural and processed sugars, no fruits, no juices, and to use Vicks salve. It took two months but it's now 85%-90% gone and no come back is noticed.

I also taught myself I could live without sugar and was better off for it. I also got off decaffeinated coffee, white flour products, and my twenty years of eating Rolaids have ceased in the last 2

Marie Simhs

I had a red rash on my abdomen for nine years. I went to numerous doctors (at least four or five) and none of them had any idea what it was. On my first visit to Dr. Winer, he figured out that I had an intestinal yeast infection. He changed my diet and put me on supplements. Within two to three weeks the rash totally disappeared and has not come back after having it for nine years continuously. I am amazed! It used to be very itchy and a constant source of embarrassment. It's a big relief to me!
Thank you,

Alice M. Lisjack

I had a skin rash for 40 years that conventional doctors could not help! It covered me from head to toe. After Dr. Winer's treatment and recommendation to change soap, the rash went away in a few weeks! I have been rash free for over for years now!
Thank you Dr. Winer,

Roland Haudy

Dr. Winer,

I came in to see you just six weeks ago for nutritional needs. You diagnosed me with low thyroid and allergies to milk products and tomatoes. After changing my diet, eating a salad a day, and taking the supplements I noticed a major difference. I began to lose weight, the rashes on my arms and face were going away, and I can sleep through the night due to consuming less mucous producing milk products. I no longer have itchy, dry skin, and a lot of my back pain is gone. The energy that I have is just incredible!