Progesterone Deficiency


As a result of taking birth control pills for most of my 26 years of married life, I was having several problems including hot flashes, vaginal pain during intercourse, and low sex drive. The hot flashes started five years ago when I stopped taking the pills and continued until recently. The vaginal pain has also occurred in the last few years and was continually getting worse. The low sex drive has been a problem my entire married life. On March 1, 1999 I was examined by Dr. Winer who determined that I has a progesterone deficiency. He prescribed a natural progesterone cream as well as some other supplements.
As of this writing, one month later, my hot flashes have stopped, my vaginal area is much improved, and I have a sex drive that I don't ever remember having before. I am very grateful for Dr. Winer's natural solution to my problems. I also appreciate the very reasonable fees he charges.
Sincerely grateful,