Intestinal Problems

Thelma B


Female  76 1/2 years old

Chronic Fatigue, IBS, Over Active Bladder, Fibromaylgia

I have had all of the above conditions for varying times and have had IBS since early years.

I have been to countless specialists for many, many tests and have been taking countless prescriptions over the years.

My first visit to Winer Wellness Center was 6/2/20. About a month later, my mental fog was gone and my energy was back!

The IBS  was a problem since late teens. I would spend 2-3 days with abdominal pain and take many, many laxatives and special pharmaceutical medications. I was constipated for over 60 years.

I no longer take the medications prescribed by my physician.

I no longer take the medication for my active bladder problem. I now get up twice a night instead of every hour to an hour and a half.

I'm walking now 30 minutes a day and I feel great!

Thanks to Jeffrey Niznik's nutritional consultation and his recommended protocol of vitamins and minerals, I feel like a young lady again!

Mary K.

Crohn's Disease

92 year old Female     8/7/18

I had chronic diarrhea for 35 years and I treated myself for Crohn's disease which I was diagnosed for at a local hospital.

I was given Prednisone, Pepto Bismol and Immodium.

I met with Jeff Niznick and he found I had food allergies and dairy allergies. In 3 months all diarrhea is gone with well shaped stools.

He did a food allergy reversal and the dairy allergies can be turned around too!

Jeff also found I had a fungal infection and parasites too. I am now  taking supplements to rid my body of these problems.

I couldn't go out of the house and was very home bound before my treatments with Jeff. Now I can go out for long hours, to church, visit family and go shopping!

Joseph W. Snyder

As you are aware, our son Joe suffered from some form of lactose intolerance for at least three years. Joe was not getting any relief from other doctors and would just have to avoid dairy products and any food product that might contain dairy products. If Joe would eat dairy products of any kind, within 24 to 48 hours he would suffer terrible gastrointestinal pain and severe diarrhea. In one year of school, he was absent almost 30 days due to this illness.
We heard about your treatments from some friends whose son you successfully treated for the same problem. Although skeptical we were willing to give it a try.
Admittedly our skepticism continued through your explanation of how you would treat Joe, but then nobody else was making any progress in treating him. At this point we agreed to allow you to treat Joe.
Joes first treatment was on Saturday afternoon, May 26, 2001. On Sunday evening, May 27, 2001 Joe began eating dairy products. At first, pizza with cheese, something would definitely cause problems and a few hours later an ice cream sundae. Well, the next two days went by without any problems and he is eating dairy products on a continuing basis. As of this date, Joe has not experienced any adverse reactions to dairy products.

Marie Simhs

I had a red rash on my abdomen for nine years. I went to numerous doctors (at least four or five) and none of them had any idea what it was. On my first visit to Dr. Winer, he figured out that I had an intestinal yeast infection. He changed my diet and put me on supplements. Within two to three weeks the rash totally disappeared and has not come back after having it for nine years continuously. I am amazed! It used to be very itchy and a constant source of embarrassment. It's a big relief to me!
Thank you,