Hot Flashes


As a result of taking birth control pills for most of my 26 years of married life, I was having several problems including hot flashes, vaginal pain during intercourse, and low sex drive. The hot flashes started five years ago when I stopped taking the pills and continued until recently. The vaginal pain has also occurred in the last few years and was continually getting worse. The low sex drive has been a problem my entire married life. On March 1, 1999 I was examined by Dr. Winer who determined that I has a progesterone deficiency. He prescribed a natural progesterone cream as well as some other supplements.
As of this writing, one month later, my hot flashes have stopped, my vaginal area is much improved, and I have a sex drive that I don't ever remember having before. I am very grateful for Dr. Winer's natural solution to my problems. I also appreciate the very reasonable fees he charges.
Sincerely grateful,

Dolores Glover

I first came to see Dr. Winer in July of 2000. I came to him with several complaints, one being hot flashes. I was having hot flashes at the rate of 20-30 per day. My medical doctor said I was going through the change and prescribed the Premerin patch. I wore the patch for about three months. The hot flashes continued.
I also had high blood pressure for which I was prescribed 50 mg of Hyzaar. When my pressure continued to stay in the high range, the dosage was increased to 100 mg of Hyzaar.

I also had a bad allergy to poison ivy. Just being near it made me break out with watery blisters and the itch was unbearable.

Dr. Winer gave me several supplements to take. I now take Seven Flowers, Iodine, Fem Endocrine, and Chelated Minerals. My hot flashes are almost gone. I only have 2-3 per week. I visited my medical doctor last week and he told me my blood pressure is down and to cut my Hyzaar from 100 mg to 50 mg.

Dr. Winer also gave me a treatment for the poison ivy and I no longer get it. It is really wonderful to be able to be outdoors and work in the flower garden. I can't believe he cured my poison allergy.

Thank you so much Dr. Winer,