Thelma B


FemaleĀ  76 1/2 years old

Chronic Fatigue, IBS, Over Active Bladder, Fibromaylgia

I have had all of the above conditions for varying times and have had IBS since early years.

I have been to countless specialists for many, many tests and have been taking countless prescriptions over the years.

My first visit to Winer Wellness Center was 6/2/20. About a month later, my mental fog was gone and my energy was back!

The IBSĀ  was a problem since late teens. I would spend 2-3 days with abdominal pain and take many, many laxatives and special pharmaceutical medications. I was constipated for over 60 years.

I no longer take the medications prescribed by my physician.

I no longer take the medication for my active bladder problem. I now get up twice a night instead of every hour to an hour and a half.

I'm walking now 30 minutes a day and I feel great!

Thanks to Jeffrey Niznik's nutritional consultation and his recommended protocol of vitamins and minerals, I feel like a young lady again!


I had digestive problems and thought I had a hiatal hernia and I was always tired. After one visit with Dr. James Winer, I found out I had no hiatal hernia. He helped my digestive problems. Im not tired like I was. Im still taking his medications and feel wonderful.


Please tell Dr. Winer thank you for the correct diagnosis of low potassium. I had suffered over a year with sore muscles, tiredness, and low energy. We solved the intestinal yeast infection which caused chronic diarrhea and washed potassium out of my body.
He told me I had low potassium but I had left the office without a bottle of potassium. A month went by before my next visit and he came up with the same deficiency. Then you fine folks sent me home with them. According to his instructions, I started by taking two. It was miraculous I felt like I was born again and full of energy.
Thank you so very much and I cant wait to bring my baby to see Dr. Winer.