Kristi Reesman

We took our 13 year old son to a family care physician to help treat stamina, headaches, and weight gaining issues. We received referrals to the following five specialists:  pulmonology, gastroenterology, neurology, endocrinology, and allergy and immunology.

In the following weeks I started to make appointments that were scheduling 4- 6 months out. I knew each doctor would look at each symptom (asthma, headaches, not gaining weight, lethargic, chronic bronchitis etc) and treat each symptom with medication.

I had so many questions and this path just didn't feel right so I began looking for a place that would look at him as a whole.

We finally decided to try a different route and I called Winer Wellness. We got in to see Jeff Niznik and the answers started coming as soon as we walked into his office. Our first appointment with Jeff was 8 months ago and since then we have seen an amazing change.

Our son is now off his daily allergy medicines and inhaler, the headaches have greatly improved, and he has more energy than he's displayed in a few years. He didn't get bronchitis once this winter after having it 4 times the winter before.

We have tremendous faith in Jeff and the healing we've seen in our son. All three of our children as well as both of us now see Jeff!

Barbara P.

Dear Dr. Winer,
I want to say thank you for helping me! The Bio Pac Detergent has made me have a restful night's sleep and helped me in the day as well. I used to scratch my scalp during sleep but not anymore from using this detergent. In the day, I don't scratch like I used to either. Keep helping people by recommending this product.
Also, I love the Miracle II for poison ivy and other itch problems.
One last thing – your Bronchoril product has helped me to prevent bronchitis many times! When I feel a cough/congestion coming on, I take a Bronchoril right away and voila! It's gone!
Keep up going what you and your office staff do – it's helping all of us!