Auto-Immune Disease


Hypothyroid condition for over 40 years


Auto Immune condition for over 29 years

I have been treated by numerous medical Specialists with disappointing results.

I take one prescription drug for my thyroid but if I listened to the doctors I would be on over 10 different prescriptions.

I had been told by a friend to go to Winer Wellness Center for years. Although open minded, I was still wedded to the “conventional medical model”.

A couple of years ago, I began to gain weight, retain fluid and have serious gastrointestinal problems. As a life-long hypothyroid patient, I was told that it was either a result of my thyroid and a normal part of aging or suggested that I was depressed, and offered a prescription antidepressant.

I am educated and know that depression does not cause edema.

I made an appointment with Dr. Honigman for a full evaluation and he gave me a dietary plan that was basically vegan.

I was already a vegetarian and had cut out wheat, so I was open to further dietary changes. I cut out all dairy, corn, sugar and even ended a lifelong coffee habit.

The result:

No more edema, more energy and I lost 12 pounds!

I work in the healthcare field and I am amazed and often frustrated at how little nutrition is discussed with patients.

I listen to Dr. Winer daily. I have recommended Winer Wellness Center to a colleague who is also feeling frustrated and I will continue to recommend to everyone who needs help.

Thank you!