Kathy L

I visited Dr. Winer after hearing him on WPIT and being recommended by a friend. My symptoms were acne, which I suffered with for twenty years, and severe stomach pains.

Dr. Winer diagnosed vegetable fats, milk, and cheese allergies. He gave me Spectrazyme to take for the stomach pain to help my food digest and treated me for a vegetable fat allergy. He also recommended the avoidance of milk and cheese products.

My face acne got worse for a few days and then began to clear up noticeably. When I began to get lax in avoiding the allergens, my symptoms came back. I got more disciplined immediately and again got immediate results.
My second visit will include a milk allergy treatment and I have confidence the outcome will be just as positive. This accomplishment was in one month after years of putting up with acne and stomach pain.