Healing Diabetes the Gerson Way

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Healing Diabetes the Gerson Way Charlotte Gerson

An All-Natural Solution For Diabetes    THAT REALLY WORKS!

Based on the research of Dr. Max Gerson, this book tells you everything you need to know to…

Eliminate Causes

Reverse Organ Damage

Restore Body Functions

Regain Complete Health

Includes Step-By-Step instructions.

“For over thirty years I have recommended the Gerson metabolic therapy to persons fighting serious illness, and have never once had cause to regret it. This new Gerson manual is comprehensive, up to date, exhaustively reference and very well written. It fully explains the therapy as it instructs on exactly how to do it. Most importantly, Healing Diabetes: The Gerson Way is about healing diabetes, which is supposedly incurable. Don’t let anyone use that worked with you: there is much more available than surgery, drugs and still more drugs. This excellent book is a compendium of knowledge, based on decades of proven effectiveness that you will want to share with everyone you know.


--- Andrew W. Saul, Author of Doctor Yourself and Fire Your Doctor

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