At the Winer Wellness Center, Alternative Natural Health Center in Pittsburgh, PA, our staff of Chiropractors and Nutritionists provide rehabilitation for Auto, Worker’s Compensation and Sports Injuries.

In order to understand our comprehensive, yet simple approach, to addressing the various components of musculoskeletal injuries, we need to identify them.

In the case of sudden injury, structure can be pushed out of place.

No medications will put these body parts, such as vertebrae of the spine, or bones in the arms, hands, pelvis or feet back into proper alignment.

This can be achieved through mild adjustments. But soft-tissue elements, such as muscles, tendons, and ligaments can be traumatized by accidents.

These components must be addressed.

Often muscle-guarding can result, and is often the reason for decreased movement and pain.

Trigger point muscle therapy  addresses this common underlying cause of discomfort and dysfunction.

Nutritional factors also need to be considered, in order to help repair stressed or damaged tissues. Once again, anti-inflammatory drugs and pain-killers merely mask over the symptoms rather than assist the body in healing.

They give you a false sense that your injuries are less severe than they are, and enable you to do movements that may further injure your body because you will not be restricted by your natural pain protective mechanism.

We can recommend dietary changes and nutritional supplements that are designed to support your body’s healing efforts, supplying key nutrients to accelerate your repair and recovery.

We also can recommend natural muscle relaxers and natural anti-inflammatories for the initial acute post injury stage that do not cause any dangerous side-effects.

It is important to address all aspects of the injury. Also time is of the essence, as harmful scar tissue can form within seventy-two hours of an injury.

Although we have helped many people suffering from long-term injuries, the sooner you can come for individualized effective care that takes into consideration all the possible components, the better the chance for a full, no residual recovery.

The conventional approach of drugs and conventional work-hardening type therapy (such as repetitive exercise and weight-resistant exercise) can prove counterproductive.

Immobilization, such as neck collars for whiplash, is also contraindicated as long as there is no fracture, because immobility causes the scar tissue formation mentioned above.

A Note on Insurance Coverage for Auto & Workers’ Compensation

Auto Insurance

In Pennsylvania, one’s own auto insurance pays for auto-related injuries.

We recommend that you contact your insurance agent to make sure that you have two essential items in your coverage: Full Tort (which allows you legal recourse) and $100,000 personal medical treatment benefits.

Currently many people in Pennsylvania only have the minimum $5,000 which could be used up with the initial trip to the hospital emergency room and a few diagnostic tests done there.

Even if you are a passenger in a public bus, or hit by a car when you are riding a bike or walking on the street, your own auto insurance coverage applies.

If and when you are involved in an auto accident, you should report it as soon as possible to your insurance company to establish a claim.

However, you do not need anyone’s permission to seek out evaluation, examination, and treatment for an auto-related accident.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation claims are somewhat different from automobile accident claims.

In Pennsylvania the two most recent administrations have managed to pass laws that are less favorable to workers.

Currently under certain circumstances, you may be restricted for 90 days to going to a “panel” doctor after the official date of the injury (even if it is a cumulative strain type injury). But, there are many situations when you can come to us even within that 90 day period and get the work compensation insurance to pay.

You can call the Winer Wellness Center office and we will explain the details, and if necessary, call the appropriate work or insurance officials.

In any event, you are always free to come to us even if the insurance is not held liable. After 90 days however, any worker in Pennsylvania is free to come to our office and have the work-injury-related conditions treated and paid for by the work-comp. insurance.

A Note on Getting a True Second Opinion Before Surgery

Very often people are railroaded into surgery by possibly well-meaning but unknowing officials or health professionals who are not aware of the treatments in which we specialize that can correct your problem without drugs or surgery.

We have helped hundreds of surgery candidates avoid surgery, including athletes, weekend “warriors”, auto accident and workers’ compensation injury victims.

Keep in mind that low back surgery fails 90% of the time. Within one year most low back surgery patients have recurrence of the same symptoms, and frequently have new problems caused by the surgery that were previously nonexistent.

Carpal tunnel surgery is the most frequent operation performed in the USA but is rarely done in western Europe.


Because, in up to 95% of the cases it doesn’t work, because the surgery is performed at the site of the symptom rather than addressing the fundamental causes, which are usually trigger points in shoulder, arm, forearm, and throat muscles, and occasionally misaligned neck vertebrae or wrist bones.

A true second opinion at the Winer Wellness Center, Alternative Health Center, where all the causative components are considered could well save you a lifetime of discomfort and disability.