Children’s Healthcare

Today’s epidemics of juvenile diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, attention deficit, hyperactivity, ear infections, Tourette syndrome, and autism (virtually a rarity a generation ago), raise serious questions and demand scrutiny of what has changed in the past twenty to thirty years.

To raise healthy children requires a lot of practical knowledge.

Pre-Natal Concerns

The pregnant mother must optimize her nutrition.

Unfortunately, too many expectant mothers continue to consume junk food, colas, candy, coffee and tea. At best, they are trying to offset the nutritional deficiencies with cheap, ineffective chain-store vitamins.

Just as bad are the often prescribed prescription vitamins which are very imbalanced, and full of undesirable additives that can cause a host of problems, including hives and skin rashes to the mother.

Would-be mothers need to realize that they are eating for two now, and need twice as much nutrition to form a healthy baby’s body.

The reckless and totally unjustified ritual of taking ultrasound pictures of the developing fetus may be a financial windfall for hospitals and doctors, but may present serious risks to the developing child.

High-frequency vibrations cause excessive heat that may have permanent negative consequences.

Use of medications during pregnancy, as well as pain medication and spinal anesthesia during labor and childbirth end up in the small infant’s body, posing additional toxic exposure to the child.

Forceps and forced delivery can also result in injury to the baby.

Would-be mothers are encouraged to explore natural childbirth and proper nutrition to optimize the health of the baby.

Childhood Nutrition & Common Illnesses

The most critical years for optimizing nutrition are those of childhood when the baby grows from five or ten pounds to twenty times that in the matter of fifteen to twenty years.

Our bodies are made out of what we eat.

Infants should be breastfed human mother’s milk for the first six months.

Babies should not have solid food until they have teeth to chew and digestive enzymes, including salivary ptyalin in the mouth and stomach digestive juices that enable them to digest, not just merely swallow food.

In native populations historically the adults would chew the food first before feeding it to the developing baby!

Many food allergies can be created or worsened by prematurely feeding babies food they are not yet ready physically to digest.

Pureed and blended baby food may make them easier to swallow, but do not change the fact that they can’t be digested properly before digestive maturity develops.

Common food allergies such as allergies to cow’s milk products are a common source of childhood complaints, including ear infections, asthma, colds, flu, irritable bowel, colic, mood swings, ADHD, fatigue, and obesity (which is a major occurrence among kids today).

Parents would do well to eliminate access to sugar, highly processed foods containing colorings, preservatives, and additives, hydrogenated fats such as commercial peanut butter, solid shortenings, and margarine, colas and other synthetic artificial foods and beverages.

Fast food is another no-no. Instead, include fruits and vegetables in multiple meals daily. A good children’s multiple vitamin and mineral supplement is also highly advisable.

Vaccination Hazard

Contrary to popular myth, the incredible proliferation of vaccines is not only not safe, but probably one of the great health hazards facing children.

Just a generation ago, only a few vaccines were routinely given to children.

Now up to twenty are injected before the age of two, and up to twenty-six by the time a child enters kindergarten!

Children’s immune systems are totally unprepared for the onslaught of organisms and dangerous excipients such as mercury that are injected into the bloodstream.

Often multiple different shots are given simultaneously, posing an insurmountable assault on the defenseless immune system of a child, starting with the totally unnecessary and unjustifiable Hepatitis B shot given within hours to several days after birth.

The incredible parallel meteoric rise in childhood autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, Tourette syndrome, depression, antisocial behavior, psoriasis, eczema, colic, neurological disease such as multiple sclerosis, and diabetes with the proliferation of vaccinations is more than coincidental.

We suggest that you become informed by reading literature such as the Vaccine book [create hyperlink to book in store] as well as contacting national organizations such as the National Vaccine Information Center. Their phone number is 1-800-909-SHOT or check out their website at .

The organization was founded by Barbara Loe Fisher, author of DPT: A Shot in the Dark, written to tell the story of how her son was permanently brain-damaged by the DPT vaccine.

Children living in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania can be exempted from ALL vaccinations by merely having a parent or a guardian write a note stating that they object and refuse to have their child vaccinated according to their right as provided by Pennsylvania law for religious, or moral, or ethical reasons.

The child will then be able to go to school hassle-free without ever being forced into having any vaccinations.

Natural Health Approaches at Our Clinic

At the Winer Wellness Center in Pittsburgh, PA  we have helped hundreds of children regain their health naturally through a variety of means, including successful treatment of food and environmental allergies, which are totally painless and actually fun for the infant or child.

That means in many cases they will be able to consume foods such as milk, cheese, wheat, corn, soy, chicken, fish, that previously caused symptoms.

It also means that such allergens as dust, mold, trees, pollen, ragweed, dog/cat and perfume can be greatly reduced or corrected.

Additionally, spinal adjustments have proven very effective in many cases of bedwetting, ear infections, and digestive problems.

Hiatal hernia treatment can minimize or correct gastro-esophageal reflex (GERD) naturally, without the need for antacids that interfere with digestion and liver function.

It is a crime that so many young children are treated symptomatically with dangerous drugs, many of which were never approved for juvenile use.

Ear infections, skin afflictions, including acne, chronic colds and sinus problems, indigestion, nocturnal bedwetting, behavior and inattention disorders can be a thing of the past.

For more information call our office at (412) 922-9355.