Allergy Correction & Treatment

Immediate, Safe, Accurate, Non Invasive Testing

Instead of painful and potentially reaction-causing scratch tests which are highly inaccurate, or allergy blood tests which we have found to be overpriced as well as unreliable, we utilize the highly effective, immediate, safe method of diagnostic muscle strength response testing, described in more detail on this web site.

In a matter of minutes we can test a person for dozens of possible food and environmental allergies and determine which ones may be contributing to health problems.

Even more exciting is that we have a method to treat the body to improve its ability to be exposed to previously offending foods, chemicals, and environmental irritants with little or no resultant negative consequences.

In the testimonial letters section of this web site you will find letters from patients who have had amazing results with this procedure.

Some examples include:

  • a young woman who was depressed from the chemical effects of a chicken allergy
  • numerous sufferers from irritable bowel symptom now normal
  • a secretary in her early forties contemplating disability retirement due to severe rheumatoid arthritis in her hands freed of the condition when red meat was found to be the culprit.
  • Dozens of asthmatics
  • many ADHD children
  • numerous people suffering from anxiety and panic attacks.

All of themĀ  have been given a new lease on life once the underlying causes and allergies were detected and corrected.

The treatment is so mild that we have performed it on many young children, and even small infants, because it is painless and totally noninvasive.

This totally natural, safe, effective treatment is the much sought-after alternative to dangerous inhalers, steroids, antihistamines, painkillers, and psychotropic drugs, all of which only mask the symptoms and themselves can create new and more serious physical dysfunction and disease.