Winer Wellness Center, a Chiropractic and alternative health center located in Pittsburgh, PA works with several partners and affiliates.

We also would like to provide links to important information, videos and documents that will arm you with necessary information to support your good health

Feel free to ask us for recommendations, and visit the websites listed below.


The Gerson Institute  Natural Cancer Therapy.

Nutritional Frontiers  Highest Quality, All Natural Vitamins and Supplements.

National Vaccine Information Center Information Center Dedicated to Preventing Vaccine Injuries and Deaths Through Public Education.

Vaccine Information Coalition  Educate Yourself Before You Vaccinate.

The Doctor Within  An Alternative View on a Vast Array of Health Issues.

Cancer the Forbidden Cure Full Documentary  Natural Remedies for Curing Cancer.

 Article - Government cover-up on vaccine safety research.

 Video Interview with Charlotte Gerson of the Gerson Institute

CDC Whistleblower on Vaccines and Autism

Cancer The Forbidden Cure  on You Tube (73 minutes)

Learn the real truth about vaccines from Vactruth and keep abreast of the latest news concerning vaccines

 State Laws Regarding Vaccines Requirements

 If you purchased a Mighty Mini Micro Current Device watch this Webinar to learn how to use it effectively.

Get All Plant Based Meals Delivered to Your Door!

Howard Straus  host of "The Power of Natural Healing" interviews Dr. Winer, June 2012


What Our Patients Are Saying

Dizziness, Toe Fungus, Yeast, Drug Reactions
I had been dizzy for two months prior to seeing Dr. Winer at his office. Previously an MD had given me antibiotics for it as he said I had an ear infection. I still remained dizzy but developed toe fungus and a yeast infection as a result of the antibiotics. Dr. Winer determined that my dizziness was from a misaligned vertebrae in my neck. Since that initial adjustment of my neck, the dizziness has been gone Dr. Winer also recommended some dietary changes and supplements and external application of Vicks VapoRub on the toe fungus, and it is also gone
Thank you Dr. Winer
A. Donovan