Dr Gideon Orbach, DC

Pittsburgh Pennsylvania native Dr Gideon Orbach is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, and received his doctorate of chiropractic from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City, Missouri. He has certification through the Motion Palpation Institute and training through General Systems Neuro Science.

Before joining the Winer Wellness Center staff in Pittsburgh, PA, he directed several successful practices in New York City, Jamaica in the West Indies, and suburban Washington, DC.

He has over 20 years experience as a personal trainer and exercise coach for both world-class athletes as well as non athletes wishing to improve their overall health and fitness.

Dr. Orbach is recognized internationally for his expertise in evaluating and treating extremity problems (elbow, shoulder, hand, knee, hip, and foot). He served as a technique instructor with Dr Mark Charrette, a pioneer in extremity adjusting, teaching fellow doctors across the country in this very specialized area of treatment.

He is also the co-author of a textbook on extremity adjusting with Dr Charrette. The book has been translated into other languages, including Japanese.

His experience and expertise in nutrition, diet, supplementation, proprioceptive ( the physiology related to the position and movement of the body) and brain-based rehabilitation has endeared him to his patients.

Dr Orbach's experience and breadth of knowledge has made him an invaluable member of the professional staff  of Winer Wellness Center in Pittsburgh, PA since 2007.

In his spare time, Dr. Orbach enjoys scuba diving, technical analysis of market trends and martial arts.

What Our Patients Are Saying

Pain, Fatigued
Dear Dr. Winer,
Since 1989 I have suffered depilating attacks of extreme muscle pain in my arms and legs, loss of use of my knees, extreme tiredness, and swollen lymph glands. My physician diagnosed me as having Epstein Barr Virus and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The only advise was to go home and take Motrin and rest. These attacks lasted 2-3 weeks. I missed a lot of work and stopped driving my car as I felt I was a danger to others and myself on the road. My supervisor wanted to put me on disability.
I started to listen to you on your radio program and became very interested in natural health. In August 1997, I made a decision to try you. I needed someone to drive me and walk with me as I was suffering an attack at the time.
I remember being tested by you for different things and after consulting with you, I was told that you could help me and that I needed one hour with your therapist today to get started and then twice a week treatments with you and your therapist. I needed help climbing the stairs to the therapy room and I needed help to get on the table. After one hour with Jake I was able to get down from the table unassisted and went down the stairs without help. You then adjusted me. I returned to your office weekly because I didnt want to miss anymore work than necessary. Each week I had therapy and adjustments by you.
I can testify that I have started to drive again, do housework, go grocery shopping, and carry bags up two flights of stairs. I am able to go out after work and do different things instead of going home and resting. My blood pressure is low and my cholesterol is down. I sleep each night instead of spending restless and painful nights. I have no bowel problems anymore. I AM FUNCTIONING LIKE A HUMAN BEING AGAIN
I have a lot of pep now and am not depressed from always being sick. I have tried a neurologist and physical therapy treatments in the past and nothing helped me until I started your treatment plan. Your staff has always been courteous and helpful to me and the atmosphere is relaxed. I praise God for all of you and know that He loves me a lot having blessed me with all of you
You also helped my 86 year old mother with severe pain in her back. You treated her with myotherapy and adjusted her yourself. She has been pain free after only one treatment and she blesses you also.
Joanne C. Winston