Dan McPherson, NC, CEM

Dan has been working in the natural health field for over eleven years. He received his first certification as a Nutritional Consultant in 2003 from the Global Institute for Alternative Medicine.

Additional studies and coursework have earned him certifications in Educational Microscopy, Personal Fitness Training, Meridian Stress Assessment, and Nutrition Response Muscle Testing from the Dr Fred Ulan Nutritional Systems Institute.

Currently Dan also incorporates the Asyra electronic diagnostic machine  to detect energy disturbances and imbalances.

Using these various assessment tools and by utilizing nutrition and lifestyle implementation, Dan has been able to help many of his patients.

Dan has been a valuable member of the Winer Wellness Center in Pittsburgh, PA since 2008.

What Our Patients Are Saying

I have suffered for many years with psoriasis. After years of seeing dermatologists without success I listened to Dr. Winer on the radio and visited his office. He recommended Candibactin BR and Caprylex. Almost immediately there was a positive change in my skin condition. It's virtually all gone!
I believe that I would have still been visiting with the dermatologists at a very large cost with little results. I have great confidence in Dr. Winer and continue to see him for my family's needs.
Thank you,
Bill Nay