Dan McPherson, NC, CEM

Dan has been working in the natural health field for over eleven years. He received his first certification as a Nutritional Consultant in 2003 from the Global Institute for Alternative Medicine.

Additional studies and coursework have earned him certifications in Educational Microscopy, Personal Fitness Training, Meridian Stress Assessment, and Nutrition Response Muscle Testing from the Dr Fred Ulan Nutritional Systems Institute.

Currently Dan also incorporates the Asyra electronic diagnostic machine  to detect energy disturbances and imbalances.

Using these various assessment tools and by utilizing nutrition and lifestyle implementation, Dan has been able to help many of his patients.

Dan has been a valuable member of the Winer Wellness Center in Pittsburgh, PA since 2008.

What Our Patients Are Saying



Glenda Burns

UPDATE  4-04-2016    ---   Alive and well 15 years after diagnosis

I have what I hope is a very inspiring story to tell of my experience iwht malignant melanoma.

First a bit of my history. I lost my daughter Cathy at 21 in May 1999 to Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma after a four year battle.

The first two years was with the "best" conventional medicine with us doing everything the doctors asked, with no thought of "alternatives".

Notheing worked and the doctors basically told us to take her home and enjoy what time she had left.

We found a naturopathic doctor who put her on natural supplements. There was an immediate, literally overnight, improvement in her health and she had a almost normal life for about a year.

She started college part-time. BUT she started slacking off on the pills and was eating and drinking things she had been told not to. She had been feeling so good for a period of time now and felt she didn't need to be so careful. (I can only second guess her reasons).

Whatever, after holding the cancer at bay for a year, it slowly stared again and eventually took her life. I will never stop feeling the pain of losing my daughter, but she is now my guardian angel and part of the reason I still walk this earth.

I found an ugly mole on the back of my upper right arm in late February 2001.

I immediately suspected melanoma. On April 12 (the same day we had been told of our daughters' cancer in 1995) I wastold the bad news that it was 4th stage melanoma and I was referred to Pittsburgh. By the way, I also had a second stage site on my upper back.

I basically was given a 50/50 chance of getting well. At Pittsburgh the consultation surgery was scheduled for one month later. I couldn't believe how long it was taking to get through the "system". However, that one mone wait changed the course of my life.

After punching in melanoma on the Web, I read about black salve and colloidal silver. I didn't really believe what I read but then learned neighbors in my area were using both.

The surgeon in Pittsburgh didn't mind my using the salve, but said it would not change his plans on the surgery. I started praying for a doctor to get me through the mess I was in. I really didn't know what I wanted.

My prayer was answered with a phone call telling me to turn on the radio to listen to Dr. James Winer. It is a call in show and I couldn't get through but the friend who called me did and I listened to her and him discussing my situration and I was hooked. I just knew this was the way I would go.

I cancelled the surgery (five days off) that same day, even before I met him. I was in his office a day and a half later (which is another miracle as it usually takes 6 weeks to get an appointment).

Dr. Winer muscle tested me and said the black salve and the colloidal silver were working and to keep using them. He also put me on a vegan diet                                (go to www.hacres.com) and natural supplement to boost my immune system.

I started all this on June 1 and on October 1 he declared me cancer free.

It's nearly two years later now and I remain healthy. All this with no surgery, no chemo and no radiation.

I am now 60 and feel like 30. I thank God for my faith in my decision and my resolve to stick to the diet (a major life change). I was never once afraid of my decision to turn away from conventional medicine. My daughter has left me know she is still a part of my life. I have seen her four times since her passing. My diet will remain vegan the rest of my life. I also stay away from all soy.

A word on Dr. WIner. He is a Chiropractor/Nutritionist and treats disease by correctin the CAUSE rather than treating the SYMPTOM (tumor) which is what conventional medical doctors do. Once you provide the body with healthy food along with supplements, if necessary, the body will rid itself of the illness.

I welcome any questions from readers of my story. Email me at shebasmom@alltel.net

Glend Burns