Allen James Dorley III

Jamie Dorley has been involved in the natural health field in a variety of capacities for over twenty years.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Community Health from Slippery Rock University and certification from the American College of Sports medicine.

 As a certified trainer, Jamie's career includes having counseled and coached athletes, executives, and school teams.

He has served many years as a sales executive and formulator for several national nutritional and sports supplement companies.

Jamie is co-founder of Pittsburgh, PA based Nutritional Frontiers with Dr James Winer. He oversees the formulation of premium, therapeutic quality nutritional supplements which are distributed through health professionals nationwide.

His expertise is highly valued by the many patients whom he has helped with a wide variety of health challenges since joining the staff of Winer Wellness Center, Pittsburgh, PA in 2007.

What Our Patients Are Saying

Low Blood Sugar, Anxiety, Headaches, Mood Changes, Night Sweats
I sought Dr. Winers treatment for uncontrollable mood swings, violent outbursts, night sweats, anxiety, and headaches, the symptoms he diagnosed as low blood sugar. After the first treatment in October, I noticed a dramatic difference in my mood and a tremendous improvement in my general well-being. The mood swings I was experiencing at least once every week, which were affecting my relationships, work, and studies, have completely subsided. I feel wonderful
Dr. Winer also treated me for painful lumps in my armpits, which, after one week of natural deodorant use, disappeared.
I no longer have night sweats or sleeplessness. I am not anxious, I dont have persistent headaches, and I am lump-free Thank you Dr. Winer.
Elise C. Buch