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Hot Flashes
I have been sick with many female problems for many years. I felt that my hormones were unbalanced, but every doctor I've been to had a different answer with different treatments. I had an eight hour reconstructive surgery in June 1998. The doctor removed seven large fibroids, two ovarian cysys (one was growing down my left leg), extensive endometriosis and scar tissue, and repaired both fallopian tubes, which were severely damaged.
Following the surgery I was getting hot flashes on and off for a year. Three doctors said I was going through early menopause. This was devastating because the news came at a bad time (my husband and I have been trying to conceive for the last two years since we'd been married.)
My last hope was to come to Dr. Winer. He said I was allergic to salt (which explained many hypothyroid symptoms). He gave me supplements and after three weeks my hot flashes went away and my body feels balanced. I was driving myself crazy with all of the many vitamins, drugs, herbs, and supplements. But I only take the one Dr. Winer gave me in addition to a multivitamin.
I now have renewed hope in achieving pregnancy.
Eileen O.