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What Our Patients Are Saying

Low Blood Sugar, Low Energy, Mood Swings
I am typing this letter in the morning, and this is truly a miracle for me. Since I was about twelve years old, I have had a problem with disorientation in the morning. I couldnt think, couldnt function, couldnt even get out of bed in the morning without being forced to get up by my mother. My mother would make the bed with me in it in order to get up for school. After I finally got up, I would go through the motions of eating, dressing, and walking to school. I never outgrew this condition, and I am now 52 years old.
I have a 730am to 400pm job, and I never really woke up until around 1000am. My boss wouldnt even ask me anything before 1000am because she knew it was a waste of time on both of our parts, and she wouldnt get the correct information anyway. I literally hated mornings. My first sentence of the day was, I hate mornings. Whether it would be an off day from work or a work day, mornings were all the same to me. I never wanted to see anyone in the morning, because I was afraid of having to talk with them and I really didnt want to because I would have very bad mood swings.
I have to admit that I was a little skeptical going to see Dr. Winer, but after a mouth of persistence from my husband, I gave in and made an appointment for myself and my husband. My husband got the idea from listening to Dr. Winers radio program all the time.
Now, all I can say is thank God for Dr. Winer and that I did go to see him. My condition is 100 improved. I am a new person. I have energy in the morning. I can do my work at 700am. I can get up at 515am when the alarm goes off and immediately get up without lying there an extra fifteen minutes. I dont avoid people like I used to in the morning. I can actually say Good Morning, and mean it. Its a whole new world to me, all because of Dr. Winer.
I intend to see Dr. Winer for a few more health concerns that I have, but now I have the utmost confidence in him. He is a true healer in every sense of the word. He is a caring man, and a truly wonderful person, not out for just money. But most of all, thank God for Dr. Winer.
By the way, I never had a drivers license because I was afraid of the way I felt in the morning. Now Im going to get a drivers license.
Mary Lou Volkman