What Our Patients Are Saying

Earaches, Colds, Headaches
Dr. Winer Staff,
Our son, Joshua, was a forcep baby when he was born. Because of this he had ear aches, headaches, and colds a lot. The doctors suggested antibiotics, decongestants, and the last resort was tubes put into his ears.
Parents Please dont fall for any of what the medical doctors tell you about antibiotics or tubes. They dont work. Weve been with Dr. Winer for about 2 years now and havent regretted going to him. We as a society have messed up our bodies by eating the wrong foods and not exercising.
With saying this, Joshua was drinking and eating milk products. This wasnt helping his condition. Dr. Winer adjusted Joshs neck with some non-painful treatments.
Many times when we think chiropractor we think PAIN. Its not always true. Let Dr. Winer help your body get well. He has encouraged us and helped us to eat, think, and do better in our health.
God loves you,
Joshua, Daniel, James, Debbie, and Valentin