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What Our Patients Are Saying

Dear Dr. Winer,
I am a 57 year old male who has only been in the Pittsburgh area since 1992. I started listening to you a few years back, have called in to your radio program a few times and finally, somewhat, broke away from the medical model and came to your office for treatment. What a relief it was.
I had been suffering with a hiatal hernia and the evening before I came to see you I had left work almost in tears. It hurt that badly. I could hardly swallow it seemed as if anything I ate went no further than my chest and my breathing felt as it my stomach was pushing into my lungs. I had eaten just a few sliced peaches for lunch that day and I was in misery.
I was in your office for about 30 minutes, including the waiting room time. After the treatment by your associate, I felt 100 better. Immediately after I left your office, my wife and I went out to eat. Upon swallowing the first bite I could feel it go all the way down into my stomach. I told my wife that she had no idea how good that felt.
Thanks so much, Dr. Winer. Im sure glad that one day as I was surfing the radio dial, I stopped to listen to your program.
I also heard you on one of your programs give a procedure for stopping hiccups. I passed this on to my niece and a member of my congregation when they were having a severe episode of hiccups. They were both amazed at how quickly it worked.
Again, thank you,
Pastor Donald S. F. Dykes