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Eye Problem
My eye had been red, crusty, itchy, irritated, and swollen since September of 2004. I was told by my Ophthalmologist to live with it, because the Cosopt I was using was controlling the pressure in my eye quite nicely, and he didnt have anything else to help my condition.
On January 28, 2005 Dr. Winer gave me an allergy treatment for the Cosopt. One hour later, the swelling in my eye had gone down and some of the redness was gone. The next day when I woke, everything seemed brighter and richer in color. My eye felt like it was breathing again. My eye continues to feel normal like it did before the allergic reactions to the medication even though I use the Cosopt twice daily in that eye. After a couple of weeks, I still had slight discoloration in the tissue around my eye, so Dr. Winer gave me another treatment. The discoloration left, and my eyes look and feel normal again.
Bless you Dr. Winer for the work you are doing. You and your staff have shown sincere motivation and dedication to helping people overcome their health issues. Pittsburgh is fortunate to have you here. I just wish that more people would take advantage of your extensive knowledge, skill, and willingness to help people.
We should have taken a before and after picture to show anyone who was skeptical of what these allergy treatments can do. I have had many allergies eliminated in this manner, but I was still amazed to watch before my own eyes the chance in my body that was taking place because of the treatment.
Marjorie F. Nelson