What Our Patients Are Saying

Intestinal Problems, Hair Loss, Scalp Problems, Low Thyroid
In the summer of 2001 I began to lose my hair. I developed bald areas. My physician ran tests and also referred me to a dermatologist who also ran tests and prescribed ointment for my scalp for a scaliness I had developed (it looked like cradle cap). The condition worsened. I was considering hair replacement therapy, wigs, etc. My physician said my hair would not return.
My daughter recommended Dr. Winer. Dr. Winer determined the problem stemmed from my thyroid (the tests run by my physician showed my thyroid was fine). He started me on supplements and iodine. My hair returned I still had the cradle cap condition. Dr. Winer suggested flax seed capsules. My scalp cleared in two days
Dr. Winer also helped me with spinal alignment, intestinal problems, and an overall healthful way of living.
I have recommended Dr. Winer and his staff to my family and friends.
Debbie Meyers