What Our Patients Are Saying

Acid Reflux, GERD
Dear Dr. Winer,
When my grandson was only a month old, he had to be rushed to the hospital. He had swallowed his own vomit, and had difficulty breathing. Following this episode, we had to watch him very carefully. We were told that he has gastro esophageal disease (GERD), also known as acid reflux. We were told it was congenital.
Doctors cautioned that he has to sleep propped up so that he would not swallow his own vomit. He was unable to eat without developing pain and other symptoms. After trying a number of over-the-counter remedies, my daughter-in-law asked the doctor for more help. They provided a prescription of a liquid medication. We had to give the baby this medicine several times a day, and we were diligent about it. Failure meant a return of his symptoms, and the crying, constant coughing, and pain associated with it.
It became apparently that this drug was not working as well as we would like. The doctor said a new drug had just been released, and it would only require a once-a-day administration. It was much easier on us The babys symptoms abated. The first month, we had to buy the medicine. It cost 250 for a 30-day supply Later, our insurance company agreed to pay for it, but not everyone is so lucky. We had to go through a special process. However, doctors said that without this medication, the baby would require surgery. We all felt that we wanted a real solution. Doctors warned us that the babys growth might be hampered since the drug interfered with the production of stomach acid, which you need to digest food.
One day my daughter-in-law heard Dr. Winers program on the radio as they were driving into Pittsburgh from their home in West Virginia. She called him about the babys condition. He assured her that he could heal him in two visits. Although I am a great fan of chiropractics generally, even I was skeptical. Two visits The baby had received a series of spinal alignments, and his symptoms were lessening but he definitely still had GERD.
However, we all knew what we needed for the baby was to get him off the medication entirely, so we made an appointment to see Dr. Winer. The staff was very patient as my two grandsons, two and one (the GERD baby) tinkered with everything in the waiting room. When our turn came, Dr. Winer assessed the baby and told us he had a hiatal hernia. Of course, I recognized the symptoms and knew this to be true, but wondered why the doctors never mentioned it. Then Dr. Winer reached his hand into the general area of the spread between the babys ribs, and did some adjusting. The baby was fine with this. Dr. Winer said he believed he had repaired the hernia, but asked that we return to have it checked.
We went home, and withheld medication from the baby. No crying No coughing He slept peacefully through the night and ate everything with no problem. Later, Dr. Winer confirmed that the hernia was repaired. All of our lives have changed, but most importantly, little Cody can look forward to a lifetime of health instead of the hampered growth, asthma, and other difficulties the doctors had warned us about
Thank you Dr. Winer
Martella Gastel