Progesterone Deficiency

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PSA, PC RES, Prostate
Dear Dr. Winer,
I am a senior citizen patient of yours in my 70s and I wish to share some good news with you regarding PC RES. It works. Allow me to explain.
Back in July of 1996 my routine yearly blood examination workup informed me that my PSA was 17.5 (normal 0-4). After a biopsy and 38 radiation treatments my PSA registered a mere 0.2. Over the years it has climbed steadily to 2.6 on 8/02.
I heard you mention on your radio program that there was a replacement for PS SPES called PC RES. Since I was almost due for another blood test for my PSA, I bought one bottle (90 pills) from your store and took three capsules before bedtime for one month prior to the bloodletting. Much to my surprise and that of my Urologist, my PSA stopped climbing and even reversed itself to a reading of 2.6, the exact figure of six months ago. I had expected a reading of around 3.4 because of the rate it was climbing. Instead, my PSA was stopped dead in its track.
Of course my urologist chastised me for taking an unknown substance into my body that was not medically proven and for which there was no track record of its efficiency. I informed my doctor that I was taking responsibility for my healthy and that I would continue with this regime until I decided whether it was working or not.
I am so elated at the results after just one month with just three capsules of PC RES that I am in a quandary as to what my next step should be. I have spread the good news to all of my friends and relatives that have prostate problems and wish to thank you for keeping your radio audience abreast of the happenings in the world of natural health.
Your faithful listener,
William A. Hart