What Our Patients Are Saying

Low Blood Sugar, Low Thyroid, Hiatal Hernia, Breathing Problems
I came to Dr. Winer after hearing him on the radio. My symptoms were that I was always tired, always cold, and had sugar cravings. I also have been trying to lose weight with no results. I also complained of a stuffy nose in the morning.
At my first visit, Dr. Winer determined in a few minutes that I had low blood sugar and low thyroid. Dr. Winer gave me a low blood sugar treatment and some supplements for my thyroid.
At my second visit I got another low blood sugar treatment. I also happened to mention to him that for several years I felt unable to get a deep breath. He did a stomach manipulation to pull my stomach into place.
I just had my third visit. My low blood sugar has been corrected. I am not as tired as before. My thyroid has been improved by 25. I can also now breathe as deeply as I could years ago.
Dr. Winers testing procedures are quick and in just minutes, he can tell what is wrong. In just three visits, I see a big difference in my conditions.
I almost forgot by using the detergent Dr. Winer gave me, the stuffy nose in the morning is gone
Debbie Pettigrew