What Our Patients Are Saying

Low Blood Sugar
Dear Dr. Winer,
Thank you for curing me of the incurable. Years ago, I had taken a 5-hour test for hypoglycemia. When I passed out after one hour of testing, they knew I had it. I was told to eat small meals throughout the day, avoid sugar, expect to develop diabetes later no cure.
But 24 hours after your treatment, I was cured When I do eat sugar now, it tastes much sweeter to me so much so, that I often dont want any more than a small taste and sometimes, not even that Best of all, the mood swings, constant cravings, and faint feelings have stopped. You asked when I last felt well and I had said months ago, because I had forgotten that I could ever feel this well. Its the best Ive felt in years
Its also been a relief, Dr. Winer, to find you A doctor who is totally dedicated, sympathetic, and patient enough to give more than yes or no answers, wanting, to educate his patients.
Thank you for improving the quality of my life,
Deborah Angelo