What Our Patients Are Saying

Low Blood Sugar, Pain
Dear Dr. Winer,
Im writing this letter to let you know how much I appreciate what you have done for me and my family.
When I first came to visit you I thought I was in really good health. For years I have juiced, drank distilled water, exercised, always went for regular chiropractic treatments, took lots of vitamins and minerals, and got yearly physicals with EKG and blood work.
I heard you on the radio several times and based on your sincerity and dedication I wanted to give you a try. I am always looking to improve myself.
When I came to visit you, you told me I had low blood sugar. I found that hard to believe. After thinking about it I knew you were right because I always craved sweets especially chocolates. I took one of your treatments and have not had one craving for sweets.
I also did not mention to you that I had lower back pain for years. This lower back pain was like a constant pain that I knew was there. I took your deep muscle therapy one time and it was totally gone.
Since then I have sent many people to you and the results are all the same. FANTASTIC. I am a religious person also and knowing your faith in God I knew I couldnt go wrong.
Thanks again, and God bless you,
Larry Smeltz