Magnesium Deficiency

What Our Patients Are Saying

Asthma, Sinus, Rash, Leg Pain
I am grateful to Dr. Winer and the Pain Release Clinic for the help I have received with a yeast infection in my nose caused by using too many antibiotics. By eliminating fruit juice, fruit, honey, vinegar, and sugar from my diet and using the supplement candi-bactrum BR and Probiotics 4000, the symptoms of nasal infection, a rash, and anal itching were eliminated.
I also had pain in both legs and with the trigger point therapy, the pain is gone in one leg and the other leg is improving through the use of exercise.
I have not taken asthma medication for the last year and a half after being treated for allergies.
I like Dr. Winers method of treatment because my body has been built up with supplements instead of medications and my health continues to improve.
Beverly Snyder