Irregular Heartbeat

What Our Patients Are Saying

Linda (my daughter) arrived from Phoenix Friday, August 20 1999, with her husband and two songs. Her husband has not been able to work for over two years. Over two years ago he started to get bad chest pains. After stress tests and mahy other tests it was determined he had a very mild heart attack. He had several angioplasties plus two stints inserted. During the placing of one of these stints he said it felt as if a hot poker was being inserted into his leg. From that time on he was in severe pain all over his body. He could not work and could barely walk around. During these two years plus he was examined by at least ten doctors. None of them could determine what the trouble was and he kept getting worse all the time.
Two days after arriving at my home from Arizona, we were planning to have a cookout. He was so bad we could not move him 20 miles so we had to have the cookout at my daughter's. He was in constant pain and could sit still only a few minutes.
I called Dr. Winer and they gave him an emergency appointment. At the end of the first treatment, it was raining slightly when we left the office. Bud (my daughter's husband) went so fast the 1