What Our Patients Are Saying

Low Blood Sugar
Here I am, at a time in my life and at an age where everything is a little out of whack I have made a decision NOT to take one more prescription medication. I now take three and that is three more than I care to take each day.
I have had symptoms of low blood sugar for probably 25 years. My family doctor said I would just have to eat every two to three hours, forever. (Never trying to treat the problem.) If I did not eat every couple hours, the back of my neck would get so sweaty, my hands would get ice cold, and I would feel shaky all over UNTIL......Dr. Winers treatment. These symptoms no longer exist for me.
I still cannot believe how PAINLESS, EASY, AND EFFORTLESS the test and the treatment was....AND IT WORKED I have NOT tasted sugar or any type of sweets since my treatment by Dr. Winer and I dont want anything to do with sweets of any kind. It has been over three weeks now. I am soooo pleased and feel soooooo good.
My husband, Joe, who is a bit of a skeptic, noticed that I was losing weight, not eating sweets, and that my appetite had lessened. He said, You seem to be doing this with very little effort. For the first time, I had to agree with everything he said.
I listened to Dr. Winer on the radio every chance I have....he is extremely knowledgeable in his field and has helped so many. I am grateful to be one of those people.
At my next visit to Dr. Winer we are going to address my blood pressure and allergy problems........I cannot wait
Once again Dr. Winer, many, many thanks for your help and God bless you.
Take care,
Carol A. DiTullio