What Our Patients Are Saying

Hearing Improved, Allergy Eliminated
Dear Dr. Winer,
When I came to your office, under the recommendation of my nephew who was cured of asthma through you, I was skeptical because I had long term problems. I had hearing impairment and was told by a doctor I had nerve damage with 40 hearing loss and hearing aids would cost 3000.
You gave me a treatment and when I arrived home, I turned on my television, which is the first thing I do because it helps with the ringing in my ears. I never touch the volume, which is always on High, and immediately had to turn it down, dismissing the thought of a cure. That evening I went to bed, turned on my radio to alleviate the ringing well again, I had to turn the volume down and realized, yes, you did improve my hearing and I have been enjoying a normal existence amazed one treatment restored my hearing. But that wasnt the end of my problems. I had allergies to the extent of constant itching of my nose because I have cats which I will never give up. That same night, after taking your prescribed herb, there was no more itching, especially through the night when it was unbearable.
I thank you and my cats thank you.