What Our Patients Are Saying

Low Blood Sugar
Dear Dr. Winer,
I have listened to you for months on the radio. One day you started listing the symptoms of low blood sugar. I couldnt believe it I could be the poster child for the disease. After meals I would be sleepy. Having mood swings, becoming angry over nothing, was a way of life. Food called me from the kitchen, but no matter what I ate I was never satisfied. Chronic thirst and insomnia were things that just slowly became part of my life. Diabetes runs in my family, but every time I had my blood tested the results were low. I thought, I cant have diabetes with a glucose reading of 75. No one told me I could have low blood sugar until you told me, Dr. Winer.
One day I came in, was tested, and learned I definitely had low blood sugar. I was treated and while I was sitting there I could feel the illness leaving my body. I knew before I left that day that I was healed.
That has been two or three months ago. I can walk into a candy store and not even think of buying anything. Before treatment I had to have candy or sweets every day.
I cant begin to list the other lifestyle changes I have made from listening to your program. Anyone who doesnt come in is very foolish. It may look like a strange system, but it really works.
I have had pain in my knees for thirty years and myotherapy had made it a thing of the past. Thank you for all you have done for me and my family.
God bless you,
Karen Thomas