What Our Patients Are Saying

Prostate, Diabetes
I was facing surgery for prostate cancer in December. I started checking around for another option after heating different stories about the surgery.
The pastor of my church referred me to Dr. Winer. I made an appointment to see him. At that time Dr. Winer put me on a special diet to follow. After about three weeks Dr. Winer said my prostate reading had dropped. I also noticed an overall improvement in my health.
At the time I was suffering from diabetes. I had a lot of numbness in my fingers and toes and swelling of my left ankle. I was having trouble with my vision. I was not sleeping very well and was having trouble relaxing. Today I have my sugar under control. My vision is a lot better and I feel more relaxed. The swelling has gone down in my ankle and my feet are 100% better.
Henry Wilson