What Our Patients Are Saying

Abdominal Cramps, Blood in Urine, Pain, Headaches
Dear Dr. Winer,
Warmest greetings to you our dear family and friends. Once again it is time to reflect on the year just past, to tell you what is going on with us and to anxiously await your news.
The thing I (Ann) am most excited to tell you is that I have already received a wonderful Christmas present. It is that George has gotten back his usual good health after two years of trials. I am going to tell you his story, not the usual thing for a Christmas letter, in the event someone out there may find help in his solutions.
One more two years ago George got a wake up call when he saw blood in his urine. After two urologists tested him (and retested him) and could not diagnose the problem, they prescribed strong antibiotics and other drugs, which only added to the problem. This led to more abdominal cramps, genital pain, weight loss, numb arms, heat in his mid back, head and heck ache, and carpel tunnel plus more. Two GPs and three additional specialists echoed, We dont know whats wrong, which means, Live with it or figure it out yourselves. We then went to an alternative clinic which gave him many more tests and put George on food supplements. We tried gluten free and lactose free diets and the IBS diet. We had our water checked, had our well purged, drank only distilled water...still no relief for almost two years.
Then one day a local, natural healing doctor (homeopathic) who has a daily radio program said that in his store, in his office, he was having a sale on organic aloe vera juice. George said, Lets stop and get some. While we were in the store, Dr. Winer himself came through and struck up a conversation with us. He looked at George and said, I think I know whats wrong with you. Wait until my last patient leaves and I will test you. By using applied kinesiology and muscle testing and his 30 years experience, he determined that George had a parasitic infection. He prescribed an herbal protocol, then a month later stronger herbs. It worked Just yesterday George said, I cant believe how good I feel. Some of you may think this is hocus pocus. All I know is that it solved his physical problems and we are now both off all drugs and chemicals except Atenolol a day. Instead we take a regimen of vitamins, minerals, and all natural supplements. Everyday these two years George thanked our Lord for his healing. At last he can realize the blessing. Now I have to pedal as fast as I can just to keep up with him. If you want to know more call me, or email Kempgroup@libcom.com. Or check out these webs. www.drjameswiner.com Or www.icak.com/FAG/faqs.html. Or search kinesiology on the web.
We are hoping you too have had a good year and that we all can continue in good health in the coming year. Blessings to you in His name. He truly is the Reason for the Season.
Love, George and Ann